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3 Specific Deep Learning and Explainable AI Approaches in Igniting it to the Creative Sector

Exploring other means of creative expression can be very useful to the creative sector. Not only the traditional expression of art is plausible, but also its academic contribution can be very helpful ignite economic activity in finding helpful solutions for the arts and culture industry. Here are some specific digital arts and humanities research areas that have used deep learning and explainable AI are:

  • Digital art generation: Deep learning can be used to generate novel and diverse digital artworks, such as paintings, sketches, animations, and more. Explainable AI can help artists understand how the deep learning models produce their outputs, and also provide feedback and guidance for improving their creativity. For Chiqui Rodriguez, in her upcoming book proposes a framework for generating and explaining abstract art using deep neural networks and natural language descriptions.

  • Digital humanities analysis: Deep learning can be used to analyze various types of data in the humanities, such as texts, images, sounds, and videos. Explainable AI can help researchers interpret the results of the analysis, and also provide insights and evidence for their hypotheses. For example, Chiqui Rodriguez, in her upcoming book, shares deep learning and explainable AI to analyze the stylistic evolution of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings.

  • Digital storytelling: Deep learning can be used to create engaging and interactive stories, such as narratives, games, and simulations. Explainable AI can help storytellers understand how the deep learning models generate their stories, and also provide suggestions and alternatives for enhancing their storytelling.

To learn more about how Chiqui Rodriguez and Kreattiv can help guide you and your organization move forward with AI applications to ignite business activity that is inclusive and welcoming, talk to us today to set up a consultation.


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