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3 Surprising Ways Successful People Do on Weekends

Everyone of us looks forward to the weekend to get a break from work. No matter that you are an artist or from the corporate world, the weekend gives every one of us solitude to take time to reflect and re-charge from the hustle and bustle from the 9-5 routine. This week, I'd like to share with you what it takes to enjoy the weekend and at the same time prepare us on our next journey.

1. Take time to "really" relax. Weekends supposedly are great for an opportunity to unwind and smell the roses. The problem starts to kick in when we look at it as extra time to do extended work for the coming week (e.g. unfinished projects, etc.). Sometimes it may be reasonable to use your precious Saturday to do some work done but it’s best to allow your Saturdays and Sundays for your family, friends, love ones and even take care for yourself. This allows you to come to work more energized and focused. Additionally, this enables you to manage your time better not to work on a work week and consequently permits you to focus and anticipate for fun activities with love ones ahead.

2. Plan some fun activity for the weekend. When I say planning, that means you prepare set of activities in a given time to achieve something - that is have fun! If that means arrange a beach getaway - do it! A picnic in the park with your friends - go ahead! Or even read a book that you've set aside for a while - then by all means plan ahead. These ideas may not be practical for the time being, but you may also opt for picnic time in your own balcony, garden, or virtually - browsing art in an online gallery or website. Your weekend schedule doesn’t have to mean by the minute, but make small allotments for each schedule so that you'll be able to enjoy every minute of it. Arrange 1 - 3 hours appointment with an interval that will let you breathe and prepare for your next activity. It could be running at 7am then baking at 11am, then night out at 9pm. My point here is that do your best to create an itinerary for the weekend that you will look forward to so that you will always feel energize at the start of the week.

3. Assign housework during the work week (or minimum during weekends). More often than not, house works tend to fall on weekends. I am guilty of falling to that trap as well. I made this experiment where I do my chores like 30 minutes to an hour intermittently during the week so that it will free up my weekend. The result - it worked! Although on some occasion, if a business trip has to fit in, the chores are pushed to the weekend or any given day, but I nevertheless stick with the 30 - one hour work time so that my R&R would not suffer and still maximize happy times during weekends.

Weekends can really be fun if managed properly. Perhaps you may be tempted to sleep in and simply catch up with movies or your favorite TV series. Downtime isn’t bad - it just have to be controlled so it doesn’t eat up your Saturday and Sunday. Give these new weekend program a chance - who knows, you may even get a different boost in life.


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