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5 Effective Strategies That Will Motivate You

The night seems always longer since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. You know in your heart that sooner or later, things will still get better only if you know how to pivot your way to the new economy. Well, you're not alone. Even successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have gone through failures sometime in their careers but they manage to get up. The good news is if they can - you can do it too! Here are five tried and tested strategies that will give your emotions a lift!

1. Have a positive outlook. If it's been months that you feel challenged in your career, sometimes feeling positive seems very hard to do. However, surrounding yourself with people that resonates positivity, it becomes a mirror image that you feel positive too and worth holding on for support when you need inspiration during downtimes. Furthermore, if you have a favorite book that can give you a fountain of inspiration, then by all means take time to read. Personally, when I get sidetracked and lose sight of my goal, I grab this book by Deepak Malhotra's I Moved Your Cheese to constantly remind me about the dynamics of change at work and at play.

2. Focus on your vision. What is it that you want to achieve in the first place? Is it a dream house you are working on? Go for an IPO? Get featured in an art exhibition? Being clear about the big picture pays off as it steer clear all the activities that could be irrelevant to your bottom line. Finding it out is crucial as this could mean the reason why you haven't reached your goal. Write your vision in a whiteboard, better yet, collect photos of your vision. It helps to verbalize and visualize a goal to give you the reason to wake up in the morning than simply let it float in the air.

3. When in doubt, ask. When you think that you have tried myriad strategies possible but it doesn't seem to work for your business, then it's time to ask. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but it's one of the qualities of being wise.

4. Cultivate a hobby. Stress can take too much of our energy - that's true! But to keep our mind and body in check we need to relax in some way. If our time at work cannot afford to bring time off to revisit the things we love to do, take at least one to two hours at least to recharge. In my experience, I used to love to play tennis on weekends, but because of business trips, it prevents me from doing so. Instead, I visit the clubhouse for a maximum of two hours to play with a friend. This way, when I get back to my desk or studio, my mind is revitalized and helps me get back on track.

5. Give time to your community - virtually. Sometimes, what slows us down is that we are just not inspired to work. Instead, why don't you give time to other people who need a hand? It could be donating your time to raise funds for school materials like books or donate food to institutes that take care of homeless families (while observing mandatory health protocol). In this way, your time is productive and well spent. In return, you feel good about yourself and bring back the energy to work again.

Getting stuck sometimes could be good for a while because this helps us evaluate our actions. To keep us motivated, the way we control our emotions whenever we get sidetracked can really make a huge difference.


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