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Art for Wellbeing Makes a Great New Year's Resolution

We already know that art is as important as good nutrition and regular exercise for our bodies. A study found in 2010 by Stuckey and Noble in their review of existing literature about the benefits of the arts (i.e. visual arts, music, dance, and writing) was evident in over 100 studies explored. Both authors concluded that artistic expression creates an influential impact on the individual's well-being. According to Stuckey and Noble (2010) highlighted that that the arts contributed to the decrease in depressive symptoms, an increase in positive emotions, reduction in stress responses, and in some cases even improvements in immune system functioning.

In a separate study, "A Multi-Method Approach in Data Mining for Artificial Intelligence - Enabled Communication Channels" (2020) of Dr. Chiqui Rodriguez, founder of CRI, highlighted that for decades, the occurrence of the positive impact of art and personal well-being has progressed brought by stress reduction and mental health benefits - both for making art & viewing artworks. For many years, arts has always been coined as a miscellaneous activity, in the present time - art has established a solid ground to impact the health sector. In another study by Bloomberg Philanthropies (2020) suggests that people who have spent 30 minutes or more each day during the pandemic on art activities like reading for pleasure, listening to music, or engaging in a creative hobby have lower reported rates of

depression and anxiety and greater life satisfaction. From a customer standpoint, the Welsh NHS Confederation (n.d.) highlights that exposure to art opportunities and engagement in arts and culture can strengthen personal well-being, creating an environment of inclusivity and heightened community interaction.

Explore art and other creative pursuits for our well-being and self-care. When we take care of our selves, we are able to take care of others.


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