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Beginners Guide: Accent Colors

Harnessing the power of content colors is a fantastic way of reviving monochromatic and neutral colors in your home or office. Presenting accent colors on pillows, floor tiles, artworks, and tablewares can bring a vibrant energy to your living space.

Think of an accent that should simply introduce itself as a touch of color to convey liveliness to the room. On occasion, just a splash of red artwork in your neutral-colored living room is all you need for an interesting appeal. The painting "Nothing was my own" (2014) ignites the fire, passion, and desire - a piece that exudes varied intense emotions, it can even serve as a conversation piece.

"Nothing was my own" (2014) was exhibited at a solo show "Sudden Flight" at the Altromondo Gallery from 29 May to 18 July 2014. A limited-edition print of this artwork is available exclusively at (Code: HOLIDAY50)

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