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Create Your Wellness Home and Office

Today, Chiqui Rodriguez Inc. (CRI) intensifies the festive mood by sharing a series of ideas in creating your art wall that is in concert with your home or office color schemes. Whether you just bought a new home or a pre-loved one, you know where to start - at your own pace and time, reuse existing artworks, or start collecting new ones that add value to your wall and net worth at the same time.

Color can impact your home and also how you feel. For example, when we think of green - we imagine trees and lush ornaments. It brings a feeling of assurance and wellness - perfect whether you simply enjoy a cozy tropical home or you want to establish a creative mindset when you work from home.

Below is an example of a sitting area where the paintings from Stillness to Elysian-Stage Scintilla (2020) are shown. The cream floor and wall in the photo highlight the fresh verdant in your room or space. We suggest creating your own gallery of artworks that complement your floor and wall as the energy it exudes when put together in space becomes strong and alive. Luscious greens, whites, and creams create a feeling of a nice sunny spring day.

Original paintings and limited edition prints of Stillness to Elysian - Stage Scintilla are now available for immediate purchase. Choose from an installment plan from original paintings and a promo code (HOLIDAY50) for limited edition prints. Sold framed with Certificate of Authenticity.

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