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Felicitas Communication Model: An Engagement Process that Brings Hope and Wellness through AI

Interactions between people offline and online have effects on their personal wellness. With that in mind, the author illustrates the concept of communicating with and through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled channels and platforms to achieve relief. Communicating through AI-enabled channels and platforms offers myriad emotional environments for wellness. This research aims to present the exceptional benefit of capitalizing on AI for wellness. This study was conducted to gauge the respondents’ perception of the use of platforms through convenience random sampling, as to which channels they participate in, why they participate or what behavior contexts are involved in the communication, what made them communicate especially during times of uncertainty, and what made them feel good about engaging through a platform or channel to reach out to other people. The highlighted stressors were taken during economic downturns in the Philippines. Furthermore, the study gained input from a population mostly the millennials (born between 1981 and 1995 according to Caylor Solutions data) and Generation Z population (born between 1996 and 2012 according to Caylor Solutions). The study shows that Filipino entrepreneurs in the creative industry click Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled channels or platforms to communicate in the hope of obtaining immediate relief. The paper presented the author’s Felicitas Communication Model to illustrate how the surveyed respondents communicate to experience positive emotions during times of uncertainty. The author used the term “Felicitas”, a Latin term meaning “happy.” People reach out to others for many reasons. The study reveals that new communication emerges when people communicate through AI-enabled channels or platforms. The results that came from the three data mining approaches proposed a communication model. The Felicitas communication model illustrated the communication process between humans with new media technology and other creative activities through an investigation of human interaction with technology and objects that ignite positive emotions as coping mechanisms in crises. The value of the study is that it achieves a sensitive communication space for learners and the public. The author would like to call it “wellness” communication as an emerging field combining AI, communication, education, and the arts. The study hopes to contribute to a safe and stress-free space for the mind and body to engage with the world by incorporating the 7Cs of Human-Machine communication of the Felicitas Communication Model.

Motivated by the need for mental, emotional, and financial wellness, the desire to marry innovative paradigms in communication and technology produced admirable results from its pilot study and anticipates the potential to offer crucial insights into the fields of AI, social impact, and education within the research community and the learning public.

Dr. Rodriguez, an artist, Chair, and CEO of technology company CRI, is a member of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, at the University of the Philippines Open University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London, and a Steward of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. Her work examines how to further support craftspeople and entrepreneurs through communication and Artificial Intelligence technology. She hopes to present a myriad of options for designing communication tools that are inclusive and promotes regenerative growth in the cultural and creative industries. Dr. Rodriguez has participated in varied art exhibitions globally. To name a few, she presented her work at the Florence Biennale (Italy), Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and Saatchi Art (United States), Nothing but the Stars (Germany), Museum Barli (Indonesia), and several local exhibitions hosted by galleries like the Altromondo Gallery and Manifestations, sponsored by Citibank. Her artwork "Manifestation No. 19" was auctioned at Salcedo Auctions in 2020. Most of her artworks have found new homes in various residences of CEOs, expatriates, and diplomatic communities globally. Aside from her artistic, entrepreneurial, and research works - being a seasoned executive from a top retail giant in the Philippines and hailed from two of the world's Fortune 100 companies, she maintains an active profile as a mentor at the Asian Institute of Management (Manila) in the fields of business and innovation. She completed the degree of Doctor of Communication at the University of the Philippines Open University and executive education at the Asian Institute of Management. Expertise: Communication Design, Art and Design, Regenerative Entrepreneurship, Mixed-method Research


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