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Tips on How to Take Care of Artworks

Care for artwork has never been easy! For a lot of people, this would mean a daunting task after acquiring one. But the truth is, this effort is not even close to creating one! With that in mind, I'll be sharing another set of tips to make sure your precious paintings at home or at work will be in good shape :)

1. If you are transporting artworks especially paintings, place it in a plastic bag, then wrap with padding for protection like bubble wraps, or any thick fabric e.g. blanket. Cover the painting with plastic first protecting it from fibers and lint from fabric. Personally, I use dry wax paper to protect the artwork from contact with plastic then cover it entirely with bubble wrap.

2. Do not leave the painting in the trunk for a long period of time because paintings with varnish get damaged.

3. Lean the painting (esp. painting on canvas) far from any sharp furniture or items in the house e.g. chairs, smaller artworks, table corners, etc. to prevent it from stretching or tearing of canvas fibers.

4. Leave nothing on the surface of the painting.

5. Hang away from direct sunlight and other heat sources that emit smoke and ashes.

6. Additionally, try not to hang in locations that are very humid or cold environments.

7. Never hang a painting close to water sources or touch its surface with wet hands.

8. Avoid touching the surface of a painting to prevent leaving finger marks.

9. Use a clean, dry, and soft brush to dust off your artwork (whenever necessary).

Chiqui Rodriguez' concept is about hanging small paintings or photos. Paintings courtesy of the artist from the "Stillness to Elysian" (2020) series.

Chiqui Rodriguez' concept is about hanging one huge painting or photo. Paintings courtesy of the artist from the "Stillness to Elysian" (2020) series.


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