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Here's Your Simple Guide in Creating an Art Portfolio

This article presents a complete and simple guide on creating an online art collection that can help anybody who would like to share their creative work in a professional and artistic manner.

1. Prepare the artworks that you'd like to present in your collection and choose a variety of artworks will represent your creative range.

2. Sort and curate after you have collected all your artwork and choose the best pieces that reflect your style and technique.

3. Digitize the artworks in high-quality photos of your artwork use a high-resolution camera or scanner to capture the artwork.

4. Choose a template that reflects your style and launch your online collection or gallery of work always be mindful of your desired branding.

5. Create a printed collection of your work and prepare a physical copy like a book to keep your work looking fresh for years to come.

6. Organize and label your work by year, medium, and size.

7 add a biography and a statement that explains your background inspiration and goals.

8 seek feedback show your art collection to friends' family and other artists for feedback and be open to feedback to improve your presentation of work.

9. Keep your art collection fresh and updated always highlight your most recent work and update related products accordingly.

10. Always present your work and get noticed by potential clients.

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