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How to Get a Make-Over in 20 Minutes

You’ve heard about it many times, that you can really transform any aspect of your life so that you will feel abundant, happy, and full of love – that may happen sooner than you think!

Lisa Nichols, host of Creative Visualization explained that there is a scientific and effortless way to eliminate failure in your life, multiply your success, and start creating a life that you truly desire. She shared through Dr. Bruce Lipton about T.H. Eker’s book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind “It all comes down to this: if your subconscious ‘blueprint’ is not ‘set’ for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much of a difference… By changing your subconscious programming, you take the first essential step to changing your results.” With those statements, it means that the real secret to success is not motivating yourself but learning how to rewire your subconscious beliefs so that success is no longer hard, but automatic and effortless.

Similar to the book Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life by Shakti Gawain, Nichols shared three steps to reprogram our subconscious. Nichols added that according to scientists in the field of Neuroplasticity, they found out that our brain keeps on making new cells and neural connections all the time. Additionally, these new neural connections directly change our deepest beliefs, thoughts, and programs. This means that we can easily rewire our subconscious minds – and expand our thought process easily. To reprogram, Nichols shared that the three easy steps:

1. Imagine an experience you would like to have

2. Feel that it has already come true

3. Repeat

Notice that Nichols didn’t include positive thinking? More than 200 studies have proven that visualization improves everything from your memory, to physical sills, to relaxation and productivity. Also in the latest neuroscience research proves the brain physically responds to this practice in as little as 8 minutes per day, creating the new neural connections that help speed up your results.

Websites like CNN and journals like Psycho Neuro Endocrinology have reported that this creates “specific molecular changes” and “positively impacts” your genes. Like celebrities, many of them use creative visualization and claimed it had helped them reach success in their careers.

Like us, celebrities are normal people, too. So, if they can visualize being successful, we can do it too. Let’s practice it every few minutes daily, and we can have our life makeover in less than half an hour.


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