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How to Protect Our Brain Health in 3 Easy Steps

We are two years and counting of limited mobility. New COVID-19 variants are being reported and have infiltrated many nations causing an unprecedented rise of COVID-19 cases bringing mental and emotional stress to most of us, making our brain health suffer. Furthermore, most of us feel lonely and separated from our loved ones brought by social isolation has shown faster rates of decline in our intellectual and thinking capabilities. (Harvard Medical School, 2021)

A study shared by the World Economic Forum (2021), highlighted that COVID-19 has impacted our brain health specifically:

  • COVID-19 has put our brain health at risk, mostly because of isolation and changing behavioral patterns in lockdowns.

  • The virus has two risks for the brain: one from infection and the second from social isolation.

The report found out that eating better, exercising, reading, and puzzles can keep our brains healthy.

We learned that eating better would mean nourishing our bodies with the relevant nutrients. Going to the supermarket may be a challenge, but knowing that there are delivery apps available, we can simply access them and select which food to put in our carts.

A simple walk can be a good exercise for all of us. Since most of us are confined in our homes, walking inside the four corners even just for a few steps can do wonders.

Some of us may have a knack for puzzles, most of us simply just grab our Kindle, computer, or the good old book to either gain new knowledge, exercise our brain, enhance our focus, and even boost our memory.

Social isolation or restricted movement may be here to stay. By taking simple steps to take care of our brain health will do wonders for us - we can take care of our loved ones better, think clearly and creatively, and even participate in activities we never thought possible.

To learn more about the report, visit and kreattiv. co to learn more.


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