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How Your Talent (and Craft) Will Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you have a knack for writing, art, or even singing? In this time and age where social networking is the name of the game, to get known in your field - whether as a writer, an artist, a job seeker, or an entrepreneur, it pays to do the "extras" to stay ahead of the crowd.

The talents that you have no matter how big or small, will not get recognized if you just stay mum about it. Letting your audience know that you are an expert in your field takes effort. Just follow these five easy steps to get ahead in your game:

1. Stay up to date in and out of your field. In other words - take time to read and be the master of your industry. Aside from listening to the morning or late news, reading broadsheets, trade books, and related literature. This will greatly enhance your knowledge and your contribution to your industry.

2. Use social media to share your passion. Mobile applications are very accessible through smartphones and other mobile devices. Having this application and "social apps" handy offer access to a myriad of customers across the globe. To benefit from the "social apps" update them with the projects you are currently doing. Share your skill or craft. Be friendly and relatable. Don't spam them, though. Spamming is a no-no if you'd like to get ahead. Try to be helpful both online and offline especially if it’s within your line of work. In this way, you share your content with them and it is an excellent way to exhibit your expertise without being pushy.

3. Be approachable. This is a continuation of our Tip no. 2 - being accessible to everyone. There is no sense in creating your perfect work portfolio if you are going to match it up with a negative attitude. No one likes a snub. Instead, be approachable, respond to inquiries within 24hrs (online), smile often, and create eye contact (offline) to make a great connection to people.

4. Don't be influenced by other people. Part of being approachable sometimes is to be a "people pleaser." To get ahead, sometimes you may just approve an idea just to avoid conflict. If things are in heat and you have to disagree about something, express your disapproval in a way that encourages discussion, say "That's another way to look at it" instead of "I think that's wrong." Being honest with yourself is not just good but also helps you stand out.

5. Confidence. First impression lasts. Believe in yourself and in your dreams make a huge difference in how soon you reach success. To stand out, have a brave "face" with a smile whenever you communicate with your friends and colleagues offline and on social media.

It takes practice and perseverance to get ahead in life. There may be hurdles along the way but the returns when you get ahead could be way more than what you are aiming for. So, act now before every one does!


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