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Install Cool "Wildflowers" on Walls

Peculiar florals ooze energetic energy in a space with a cool but lively combination of color palettes gold, aqua, and a spark of Aster.

Similar to a restive child, these prideful colors of spring exude cool energy to a home or office. Creamy neutral floors and white walls are the perfect combinations as a foundation to create a symphony of spring as an accent for your walls. The Stillness to Elysian - Stage Sanguine, is a collection of 12 mixed Aster-like florals that create a de-stressing effect in any space. The Stillness to Elysian paintings represents the 10 stages of the artist Chiqui Rodriguez' life in meditation that emanates from stillness.

Original paintings and limited edition prints of Stillness to Elysian - Stage Sanguine are now available exclusively online. Choose from an installment plan to collect original paintings or a complimentary 50% off (Code: HOLIDAY50) for limited edition prints. Sold framed with Certificate of Authenticity.

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