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Let us KREATTIV-ly Reset

Since 2020, many of us have learned how much we depend on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) to support our daily needs. Whether you need to grab a bite for a midnight snack, a quick trip to the store for bananas, buying a plant, or even a printing shop for our school projects, MSMEs are at the core of every community.

In the Philippines, there are 70.6% of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been forced to temporarily close and 66.2% of MSMEs have also laid off workers MSMEs (, 2020). To help them recover, CRI's up and coming service KREATTIV aims to provide MSMEs access to a market that is inclusive and sustainable through its insight mining technology.

"Since I officially launched my first solo show 19 years ago, I experienced the challenges of starting and maintaining a career in the creative industry. It takes tenfolds of patience, ingenuity, and resilience needed to keep everything together - mentally and economically," said the founder of CRI Chiqui Rodriguez.

This service comes with marketing, analytics, e-store management, and business development among others. In Kreattiv's next phase, the focus is reaching more communities outside of Metro Manila to offer support to artisans who do not have access to technology.

"Nothing is nonessential when starting or sustaining a business. The platform aims to provide capacities that will support recovering MSMEs - it is a place for artisans and art lovers," our founder added.

Inquire today and learn more on how we can support MSMEs, visit


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