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Mind Your Time

Have you been trying to improve your time management skills to achieve stellar results at work or at home? Do you feel like you are still missing some details?

This time management guide aims to inspire professionals in building a stronger foundation in managing their time. In the past, you may have time management class, bought books and business magazines about time management and perhaps tried to use a mobile application to help you keep tabs of your activities to make sure you are on track for the day. And then you wonder how come I still have tons of work left undone?

If you would like to improve efficiency at work to get more out time, we have suggested some techniques for your to try so that you can somehow control and management your time.

  1. Write down your schedule for tomorrow before you go to bed, if you can manage to map out your entire week - better. In this way, you will be able to psyche yourself to focus only on your itinerary.

  2. Focus on activities that affect your business bottom line, e.g. exploring new markets, strategic marketing, product development, etc. While back-end tasks like accounting, administrative tasks, and logistics can be delegated to save time. Always remember the Pareto’s principle that is 80% of the output comes from 20% of inputs.

  3. See to it that the purpose of meetings is to either sign a deal or make decisions from a pre-determined situation. Request for an email or a phone call if they would like to have a discussion with you to solve problems.

  4. Group your activities to save on time and money setting up to give way to more important tasks.

  5. Veer from interruptions from networking sites like Facebook unless you use it to expand your business.

  6. Do not answer phone calls or emails as soon as they pop up. Learn to filter incoming messages from both channels.

There are a lot of time management tips that we can list here but we just focused on the basic few to get you started. The sooner you practice this list will definitely give you a head start in your career and spend more time with your love ones.


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