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The 5 Psychological Roadblocks

Furthering our understanding of the art business, most of the time is not as smooth sailing as we want to be. There will always be varying roadblocks that will hinder any artist or entrepreneur in progressing to the next level. This article outlines five psychological roadblocks that can hinder artists in the art business. It includes worrying about failure, self-criticism, self-doubt, perfectionism, and financial stress. These roadblocks can relate to the fear of opening up to new opportunities, depression, lack of motivation, and other uncomfortable feelings that can prevent artists or entrepreneur from taking advantage of opportunities and fully realizing their potential in the art world or any industry that they choose.

  1. Fear of failure this may include fear of rejection or fear of not living up to one's own standards this can be reflected as self-doubt hesitation and avoidance of taking challenges.

  2. Self-criticism artists are often their own worst critics and may be excessively hard on themselves that connects with self-doubt depression and a lack of motivation to create.

  3. Lack of confidence a lack of confidence in one's abilities can prohibit artists from exploring opportunities such as submitting work for exhibitions or applying for grants.

  4. Perfectionism striving for perfection can be paralyzing as it may be impossible to achieve and can lead to a never-ending cycle of self-criticism and frustration.

  5. Financial stress the financial uncertainty of the art world can be a significant source of stress for artists as many struggles to make a living from their work this direct to unnecessary anxiety.

Understanding these roadblocks can be daunting but it can be managed in the hope to overcome it fully. Our team at Chiqui Rodriguez can help guide any artist, or entrepreneur every step of the way. To learn more visit us today.


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