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Where to Find Inspiration When There's None in Sight

Getting stuck lately for lack of inspiration? Have you been staring at a blank wall for hours or even days now that nothing seems to come up? Read on for some tips that will pick you up and get inspired again!

Part of the process is taking time to realize what you really want to do – paint, write a poem, or launch a new mobile application? It could be anything in this world but it’s always helpful to find out what you want to achieve to get your compass back in place. Professionals from the creative sector are one of those people who demands inspiration similarly just like running a business. Artist Susan Philipsz was interviewed by the Guardian that shares with us the artist’s ideas on what she normally does when inspiration isn’t fluid.

  1. Have a good idea. Philipsz said that if you have an idea, stay focused to it especially if the production process is a long and daunting one. In this way you try to keep true to the spirit of the initial idea, she added.

  2. Daydream. Take time to give your brain the luxury of “doing nothing” so that it will release the stress that may have kept your creative spirit away.

  3. Have an open mind. Philipsz expressed that it would be great to be open to your surroundings, in her case, she tries to find inspiration from the places she goes to exhibit. Personally, this type of activity really works regardless of industry you’re in because being in a different environment gives you a sense of freedom and solitude and it helps free your mind and toy around ideas even just for a short while. If traveling isn’t on your horizon, try to watch films or read a book – similarly, your mind travels this way.

  4. Have your tablet/notebook with you. Whether you are at home or elsewhere, make it a habit to bring something to jot your thoughts down. As you know, inspiration doesn’t come like a comet that just flash in the sky. Inspiration consist series of thoughts that you gained from reading, watching a film or traveling. Your next big idea would either mean a cumulative of these thoughts or a solid idea that sprung while driving – you’ll never know. As long as you have your writing materials, you’ll never miss it.

Another nice way to recharge your mind is to browse art - virtually and physically. Visit a gallery, art fairs, even websites of artists. You will unleash a new perspective and eventually help you get by with the daily grind.

Whatever you do to get your inspiration back, do not forget to share your thoughts with other people. It also helps when the people you intend to share your ideas with are in a different industry. Why? Because sharing your ideas in that way help you gain different perspectives of looking at things. So the next time you find yourself at the edge, again - think about these tips, and if you can't avoid staying in your room when trying - visit the digital world and browse away!


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