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Stillness to Elysian - Stage Acquiescence 2 of 10


Acrylic on canvas

18 x 24 inches

Chiqui Rodriguez 


Price Available Upon Request



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Stillness to Elysian - Stage Acquiescence 2 of 10

  • About the Stillness to Elysian Paintings

    Stillness to Elysian paintings represents the 10 stages of the artist's life in meditation that emanates from stillness.  The paintings illustrate a myriad of metamorphosis stages from awakening, determination, balance, contentment, recreating vision, exploration, reminiscing, satisfaction, submissiveness, and achieving bliss from spiritual rebirth. "Going through a roller-coaster of emotions during unprecedented times of our lives is natural" according to the artist. However, when the mountain of doubt shifts, an aurora of hope appears. This anomaly of intense emotions may be ephemeral at first but conceivably restored with feelings of self-exploration until it captures the person's blissful state of rebirth or Elysian. Similar to the historical works of the artist, she consistently communicates that "hard work is a form of meditation" and the Stillness to Elysian paintings demystifies Chiqui's months of introspection that describes an individual's spiritual journey from the abyss of uncertainty to the high road in realizing elysian.


    About Stillness to Elysian - Stage Acquiescence

    Stillness to Elysian - Stage Acquiescence consists of 10 artworks that describe the artist's meditation cycle of submissiveness and acceptance of what life has to offer.  The artist's work is subtle and she uses layers of content that together tell a story of strength and optimism in the human condition despite damaged perfection that surrounds the world.  Chiqui explores the possibilities of the ethereal and true to human values of revering life, peace, compassion, and authentic presence.  The artist breathes life to Acquiescence concept through unique color-blending techniques that are not enough in just one platform wherein gem-like impressions are formed via displacement of paint by force in multiple platforms to represent hard work in the artist's pieces forming a constellation of emotions exuding the energy of apricity catalyzed by a series of life's stillness.

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